The Lightest electric scooter

Benefits of Electric Scooter

Why get an electric scooter?
You save money

Invest in an electric scooter to save money commuting around town

You Save Time

Save time by swiftly getting A-B around the city

you have fun

Live in the moment and scoot to work!


Why Stroll When You Can roll?
The Most Futurist Scooter in Australia

The Last KM.

That annoying bit of distance from the train station to the office. Or from the car parked down the street to the station. Be annoyed no more.

This is the best electric scooter to arrive on the shores of Australia. The light weight and strong carbon fibre will ensure long and lasting fun.

The 300w battery charges fully in 4 hours and runs for 30km. The scooter is regenerative which gives you that little extra when you decide to use human energy to push.

The handle bar is rigid and the folder block is hardened steel. Look no further. The future is here.

  • 9kg Carbon Fibre

    Strong and Light Weight

  • Regenerative Braking

    Battery Charges as you push or roll

  • Cruise Control

    Maintain Your Speed With Ease

  • Colour Display and Light

    Clear Display with LED Headlight

Want more?

See each part of the scooter here
Folding Block
Strong Hardened Steel
With the flick of a switch, the scooter folds down for easy transport
Colour Display
Displays Speed and Battery
There are 3 buttons below display to make it easy to view trip and change settings
Rear Brake
Rear Brake With Light
Provides a backup to the regenerative braking system. There is also a red light that illuminates when in motion.
LED Headlight
Bright Headlight For Late At Night
Use this handy bright LED light for night use and to minimise any accidents.


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