The last mile, first

Benefits of Electric kick scooters

Save Money

Save on fares for buses, trains and taxi’s

Save Time

Go at your schedule and not wait for the bus

Have Fun

Electric scooters are a fun way to get around


The nimble lightweight electric kick scooter is small in size but big on features. With a battery that can take you distances of 30km at an average speed of 25km/h, its sure to change the way you commute.

The 9kg carbon fibre frame with wafer thin deck with a reinforced 'V' bottom will ensure you arrive safely at your destination.

This IS the next evolution of commuting...

  • 30 km

  • 25km/h

  • 9kgs

Next evolution of commuting…

More Features

Folding Block

Hardened Steel
Scooter folds down for easy transport


Bright LED Light
Be seen with this handy bright LED light

Rear Brake

Rear Manual Brake
Manual break to assist with carving corners. Also, red light that illuminates in motion.

Colour Display

Displays Speed and Battery
Integrated colour display of functions
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